Acabo de veure la pallissa que li han fet 13 d’extrema dreta, amb bats, a un noi al carrer Balmes i tbh? estic sense paraules


Jo igual. Era d’esperar, ja hem vist en altres ocasions el que volen fer. Però igualment, collons.

Groups of Spanish supremacists are out tonight “hunting Catalan independentists” (their own words). This is how they treated a boy in the streets of Barcelona:

And what’s worse is that neonazis never have to face the legal consequences, because the Spanish government supports them.

In the group of neonazis that murdered Guillem Agulló, most never even went to jail since murdering a Catalan/Valencian is not considered a hate crime even when the aggressors clearly say that is the reason. And the ones in the group of murderers who did went to prison were released early for “good behaviour”.

Meanwhile, pro-independence activists like Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart have already spent 2 years in prison for “organising” (they didn’t even organise it) a peaceful demonstration. And they are sentenced to 9 more years in prison.

Spain is a fascist state. And Catalonia wants no part in it. We are leaving.

So, who does want to be ruled by Madrid?


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