Cop’s name is Philip Brailsford

He shot Shaver 5 times in the chest when Shaver, while crawling on all fours towards the officers, reached to pull his shorts up

Shaver was unarmed during the encounter, crying, and desperately begging for his life. In the official police report, Brailsford claimed he believed Shaver was crawling towards the police to put himself in a better position to shoot them, despite Shaver initially begging to be handcuffed while he was laying down to lower the risks of being shot. It was only after police ordered him to crawl towards them that Shaver began crawling

The dustcover of the rifle Brailsford used to kill Shaver was engraved with the words “You’re Fucked”. The judge decided this was inadmissible as evidence, despite prosecutors arguing it was a clear indicator of his mindset at the time of the shooting

Brailsford was found not guilty on the charge of second degree murder two years after the incident, and reinstated to the Mesa Police Department. This reinstatement was for the sole purpose of allowing Brailsford to apply for work-related disability (PTSD), at which point he was granted early retirement from the force with a 2.5k a month pension

Every. Single. Cop. Is. A. Bastard. They are either murderers or they are enablers. There is no such thing as a good, or even a decent, cop


This is a long post but this is important especially if you live somewhere where fireworks have been going off every night all of a sudden for weeks now.




if you been following this blog of mine for a while you know i’m NOT into conspiracy theories BUT this shit is fucking fishy as hell. this is NOT fucking normal and i truly believe this is a part of how police fight back against calls to defund and/or disband them. i’ve said for a while now (mostly on twitter) that ppl who want to abolish the police (i am one of them) need to get ready for war cause cops will fight us to the point of killing us to maintain their power. i absolutely believe they are believe this sudden and constant stream of fireworks happening across the country targeted in areas where there were massive marches calling to defund the police. this would be very easy to coordinate given all the communication tools we have today (whatapp, fb messenger, ig direct message, skype and etc) and like the last tweeter stated, given all the crap we know the police be involved in, giving away fireworks ain’t shit BUT if raises the number of complaints they don’t respond to, they can use that to make themselves look good. i mean check it…

that’s a hell of a fucking jump (for all the ppl who want to claim this is normal (stfu)) and they are not responding to those calls. why? they are behind it and then they can use this to say “see, y’all need us. don’t defund us.” 

i won’t repeat what’s already in the tweets but yea, i am 100% this is warfare by the police against calls to hold them accountable and to defund them BUT we can’t back down. the mere fact they are doing this proves they are scared and we are right. 

fuck the police! 

PsyOp is a word we also used for training purposes. In a training scenario, PsyOp was a group randomly assigned to act as an enemy force whose job is to disrupt operations by any means necessary. Sometimes this means they’re enemy combatants in a firefight, sometimes they run through camp banging a pot – to symbolize a mortar strike or w/e – at 3 am. Keeping us awake, on our toes, and dreading the next hit is their job – because they can do anything, but we’re told to abide by the rules.

Just something I remember.

The war is on, it just has not been declared.




Newly Released Police Body Cam Footage Shows Moments Before Rayshard Brooks Was Murdered by Police

For those who don’t know, Rayshard Brooks, 27 yr old father of, was shot and killed by an Atlanta police officer at a Wendy’s parking lot in Atlanta Friday night.

In the video, Mr. Brooks is seen calmly and politely speaking with Officers after falling asleep at a Wendys parking lot because he said he was “Too intoxicated to drive.” The officers could have done the right thing and stayed with him until someone picked him up, allowed him to walk to his home (which he offered to do) or even offered him a ride home, but instead they decided to escalate the situation and kill him. 

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What have the protests accomplished?



5/26 4 officers fired for murdering George Floyd

5/27 Charges dropped for Kenneth Walker (Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, who police accused of killing her)

5/28 University of Minnesota cancels contract with police
5/28 3rd precinct police station neutralized by protesters
5/28 Minneapolis transit union refuses to bring police officers to protests or transport arrested protesters
5/29 Activists commandeer Minneapolis hotel to provide shelter to homeless
5/29 Former officer Chauvin arrested and charged with murder
5/29 Louisville Mayor suspends “no-knock” warrants
5/30 US Embassies across Africa condemn police murder of George Floyd
5/30 Minnesota Attorney General Keith

Ellison takes over prosecution of the murdering officer
5/30 Transport Workers Union refuses to help NYPD transport arrests protesters
5/30 Maryland lawmakers forming work group on police reform, accountability
5/31 2 abusive officers fired for pulling a couple out of their car and tasing them – Atlanta, GA
6/1 Minneapolis public schools end contract with police
6/1 Confederate monument removed after being toppled by protesters – Birmingham, AL
6/1 CA prosecutors launch campaign to stop DAs from accepting police union money
6/1 Tulsa Mayor agrees to not renew Live PD contract
6/1 Louisville police chief fired after shooting of David Mcatee
6/1 Congress begins bipartisan push to cut off police access to military gear

6/1 Atlanta announces plans to create a task force and public database to track police brutality in metro Atlanta area

6/2 Minneapolis AFL-CIO calls for resignation of police union president Bob Kroll, a vocal white supremest
6/2 Pittsburgh transit union announces refusal to transport police officers or arrest protesters
6/2 Racist ex-mayor Frank Rizzo statue removed in Philadelphia
6/2 6 abusive officers charged for violence against residents and protesters – Atlanta, GA
6/2 Civil rights investigation of Minneapolis Police Dept launched
6/2 San Francisco resolution to prevent law enforcement from hiring officers with history of misconduct
6/2 Survey indicates that 64% of those polled are sympathetic to protesters, 47% disapprove of police handling of the protests, and 54% think the burning down of the Minneapolis police precinct was fully or partially justified
6/2 Trenton NJ announces policing reforms
6/2 Minneapolis City Council members consider disbanding the police
6/2 Confederate statue removed from Alexandria, VA
6/3 Officer fired for tweets promoting violence against protesters – Denver, CO
6/3 Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Art cut ties with the MPD
6/3 Chauvin charges upgraded to second degree murder, remaining 3 officers also charged and taken into custody
6/3 Richmond VA Mayor Stoney announces RPD reform measures: establish “Marcus” alert for folks experiencing mental health crises, establish independent Citizen Review Board, an ordinance to remove Confederate monuments, and implement racial equity study
6/3 County commissioners deny proposal for $23 million expansion of Fulton County jail
6/3 Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board unanimously votes to sever ties with MPD
6/3 Seattle withdraws request to end federal oversight/consent decree of police department
6/3 Breonna Taylor’s case reopened

6/3 Louisville police department (Breonna Taylor’s murderers) will now be under review from an outside agency, which will include review on training, bias-free policing and accountability

6/3 Colorado lawmakers introduce a police reform bill that includes body cam laws, repealing the “fleeing felon” statute, and banning chokeholds

6/3 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announces plans to reduce funding to police department by $150M and instead invest in minority communities

6/4 Virginia governor announces plans to remove Robert E. Lee statue from Richmond
6/4 Portland schools superintendent discontinues presence of armed police officers in schools
6/4 MBTA (Metro Boston) board orders that buses wont transport police to protests, or protesters to police
6/4 King County Labor Federation issues ultimatum to police unions: admit to and address racism in Seattle PD, or be removed
6/5 City of Minneapolis bans all chokeholds by police
6/5 Racist ex-mayor Hubbard statue removed – Dearborn, MI
6/5 NFL condemns racism and admits it should have listened to players’ protests
6/5 California Governor Gavin Newsom calls for statewide use-of-force standard made along with community leaders and ban on carotid holds
6/5 2 Buffalo officers suspended within a day of pushing 75 year old protester to the ground, and lying about it
6/5 2 NYPD officers suspended after videos of violence to protesters
6/5 The US Marines bans display of the Confederate flag
6/5 Dallas adopts a “duty to intervene” rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in excessive use of force
6/5 Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax releases an 11-point action plan for immediate police reforms
6/6 Statue of Confederate general Williams Carter Wickham torn down – Richmond, VA
6/6 2 Buffalo officers charged with second-degree assault for shoving elderly man
6/6 San Francisco Mayor London Breed announces effort to defund police and redirect funds to Black community
6/7 Frank Rizzo mural removed, to be replaced with new artwork – Philadelphia, PA
6/7 Minneapolis City Council members announce intent to disband the police department, invest in proven community-led public safety
6/7 Protesters in Bristol topple statue of slave trader Edward Colston, throw it in the river
6/7 NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio vows for the first time to cut funding for NYPD, redirect to social services
6/7 A Virginia police officer faces charges after using a stun gun on a black man
6/8 NY State Assembly passes the Eric Garner Anti-Chokehold Act
6/8 Democrats in Congress unveil a bill to rein in bias and excessive force in policing
6/8 Black lawmakers block a legislative session in Pennsylvania to demand action on police reform
6/8 France bans police use of chokeholds
6/8 Seattle council members join calls to defund police department
6/8 Boston reevaluates how it funds police department
6/8 Honolulu Police Commission nominees voice support for more transparency, reforms
6/8 Rights groups and Floyd’s family call for a UN inquiry into American policing and help with systemic police reform

No, it’s not enough, but this is only the beginning. Keep fighting!!!

(I adapted this list from this blog post and added sources and new entries. Please reblog with additions.)

Keep fighting, protesting, donating, demanding. It’s working.