You know, my dad and I have some communication issues but when I can call him and ask to borrow a sword on one day’s notice and his only question is “which one?” I can still tell where a great big chunk of my personality originated

In case you were wondering about the sword

Happy DIY Halloween from gay zorro

When someone asks to borrow a sword, “Which one?” is the correct response.



L990 monitor, a floating shitty technical.

Just after the end of WWII, France had to be able to patrol the Rhine river once again but most available boats were either unusable or outdated, with very few remaining river-worthy. Thus the French took a Landing Craft and stuck a M4A2 on it and called it a river monitor. These boats served until 1955, even if proper patrol boats were built in 1946.




UK residents SIGN HERE on the government petition

please, if you’re a UK resident, trans or not, please speak out on behalf of your trans family, friends. we suffer enough without the right to self-identify in the UK

if you aren’t from the UK please share this so that more Uk residents can see and speak up.

I know tumblr is america focused but PLEASE PLEASE reblog this, we trans folks in the UK have so much difficulty already. Please help us and reblog this.








The reason why we distrust people like Biden and Burnie, is because they started with “People who make millions and millions a year” and now it’s down to “over 400K,” and once they’re in power and don’t need to pander, it’ll go down to “over 100K” and then “Anyone who makes over our arbitrary limit for bare survival”.

It always starts out with “billionaires” and always ends up with “Kulaks pay up or face the firing squad”.

And this is just hypothetical either:  Its literally the history of the income tax.  When it was first passed, the politicians pushing it promised that it would only ever apply to the top 1%

Also the people making over $400k are often responsible for employing the people who make $35k. When taxes go up, the wealthy have the easiest time moving assets or even moving themselves to avoid paying. And in some cases, this involves moving businesses (and jobs) overseas, or involves changing course on business decisions and leaving workers behind.

Tax increases impact the economy, and the economy impacts everyone.

“if we interfere with the rich they will deny us our scraps”

Libertarians are so brain dead.