Sauce: americanindian.si.edu

Inupiat flintlock musket

Lock, barrel and fittings manufactured in the early 19th century, later sold  and personalized by the Inupiat natives of Northern Alaska.
.60~.75 caliber, single shot, flintlock firing mechanism, bone hinged bipod fork rest, complete with shot pouch, powder horn and measurer. Also a bunch of ugly zip ties.

European firearms were often bartered for by North American natives, who lacked the industrial capacity to make them but used them widely nonetheless.


When I Say Coffee….I Mean Folgers, circa 1960. Pirkle Jones. Gelatin silver print.
1930:The issues most relevant to workers were long work weeks extending up to 60 or 80 hours a week in some jobs, a drop in incomes, (the national per capita income fell from $705 (Yr.) in 1929 before the crash, steadily down to $374 in 1933) and the prevalence of industrial accidents.

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