With all the things they are exposed to routinely one would think they’d be vaccinated by now.

It’s almost as if they have no sense of civic duty.
Almost as if they do not see themselves as part of society.
Almost as if they do not see any connection with the people they hold the trust of.



It’s called courtesy towing, and it’s a real doozy of a system. If someone gets a temp no-parking zone permit, for whatever reason, a before legal space to park, becomes illegal. So cops tow the car, often to illegal spots, and the person who owns it has no idea whats happened, and many report the car stolen. If it is impounded because it was moved to an illegal spot, they have to pay the fine. They are supposed to give 24-48 hour notice that a spot is going to be a no-parking zone, though this towing can happen for other reasons as well. This courtesy towing reportedly happened about 2000 times between 2018-2020



What a funny way to say “cops blew up neighborhood”

It’s been really hilarious to watch the LAPD try to dodge any responsibility for this while the media tries desperately to help them by publishing the most confusing fucking headlines but what really happened is that the cops found and confiscated thousands of pounds of “illegal” fireworks in LA and then decided to take 10 pounds of that, call the press, and make a show of using their new expensive toy, the “total containment” truck that is supposed to be able to take explosions of up to 15 pounds.

So they took the 10 pounds of explosives and their toy truck to a poor Black neighborhood, got reporters there, stuck the explosives inside, and set them off intentionally instead of just defusing them like they did with the other 4,990 pounds of fireworks.

For some reason, likely because something went wrong with their truck which I bet cost the city a shit ton of money, the containment completely failed and the explosion destroyed cars, homes, and injured 17-19 people (I’ve seen different reports with different numbers), a couple of whom were in critical condition but it sounds like everyone survived.

The LAPD then had the audacity to tweet that they didn’t know what caused the explosion when it was them who caused the explosion, intentionally, and we know because they called the media so that everybody could see them do it.

In summary, the LAPD wanted to show off/justify their ridiculous budget but their expensive toy was a dud and so they ended up bombing a poor Black neighborhood (because they would never risk this in a white neighborhood) and don’t want to admit it.

We got money for this and all the tear gas you can snort, but we cannot fix the roads.


On this day, 28 May 2013 during the Turkish Occupy Gezi protests, the “woman in red”, Ceyda Sungur, was pepper sprayed by police, which became the defining photo of the movement.
The protests began against development of Gezi Park in Istanbul but transformed into a national movement against the increasing authoritarianism of the right-wing government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
A university worker, Sungur didn’t want notoriety, saying “a lot of people who were at the park and they were also tear-gassed… There is not (a) difference between them and I.” She was subsequently arrested for “provoking people to disobey laws”, although the following year the charges were dismissed.
This is an excellent eyewitness blog published during the protests: