CNBC’s Jim Cramer On Elizabeth Warren: ‘She’s Got To Be Stopped’

CNBC’s Jim Cramer On Elizabeth Warren: ‘She’s Got To Be Stopped’






Yes clearly Russia is the aggressor.

I don’t know why the Russians are so aggressive I mean this alliance specifically created to destroy them has pushed up to their borders and is going to encircle them Mr. Putin cease your hostilities!

Read also as “countries who suffered under Soviet rule join NATO so that it won’t ever happen to them again. Russia labels this as aggression despite having 5x the military power in the region as the entire NATO task force and US Army Europe combined.”

I know you’re retarded and you don’t understand how interpersonal relationships work much less international posturing but I’ll break it down for you:

Me and twenty of my buddies can stand at the edge of your lawn with guns. I’m not threatening you at all we just made a pact together that if you ever blink at us the wrong way we’ll kill you.

Okay now we’ve brought some more friends with guns and we’re standing on your doorstep. Don’t act aggressive now, because we’ll have to defend ourselves 😉. There’s no need to feel threatened.

Except the twenty buddies with guns have spent the last 50 years being beaten in a parking lot by you, and would rather that didn’t return to the status quo. More relevant, while they have twenty guys with guns, you have 100 guns permanently aimed at you them, yet somehow still feels threatened because they have a big friend over the other end of the street who is providing moral support, but otherwise isn’t able to do anything in time if a gunfight does break out.

If Russia seriously feel threatened by NATO I pity them. Russian planners know NATO could never launch offensive operations into Russia, and anyone with any military sense at all can see that. 

Everybody remembers Russian occupation fondly.


Sep 11 1918 IWM (Q 73737) “A German Battleship steaming into the Firth and Forth. September 11th, 1918 when the German Fleet surrendered to Admiral Beatty.”
Production date

German Battleship SMS Friedrich der Grosse.






Boar Spear of Nicolas de Lorraine (1524-1577), France.
This hunting spear is made to feature three small wheellock pistols.

For when you need shredded pork RIGHT NOW!

Considering how fucking tank-like wild boars actually are (they’re plate armored beasts made of spite and poorly placed teeth) I’m surprised that this doesn’t just have a fucking blunderbuss on the end.

Also, those flanges behind the guns are there to stop the boar from continuing to charge the hunter, through the spear. I feel like you’d want the guns close to, but not actually inside the beast.

A blunderbuss would be a fantastic example of “shotgun turned melee” but I also just have a soft spot for shotguns and polearms.

I feel like this is not nearly enough stopping power to hunt boar with.

Also yes, you do want the guns (or at least the ends of the barrels) inside the pig, because then *they’re past all the armored bits* and you might kill the thing before it takes that spear away and beats you to death with it.

Pigs are huge and mean and very hard to kill.

I’m gonna be Frank with you, I doubt this piece of shit was ever used to actually hunt boars.

Gonna use this to prune the camellias!

Man attacks the Wall Street bull with a banjo, leaving big gashes



A random dude did about $15,000 worth of damage to the famous bronze “Charging Bull” sculpture, by attacking it with a banjo. He managed to cut a deep gash in the thick bronze.

that metal pan is solid and dense and is – in fact – an excellent weapon, if needed


Capitalism is very fragile.