Without warning, the Memphis police department evicted a sick woman trying to recover from COVID-19, who had just gotten out of the hospital

They evicted her to recover the medical debts of (now follow me here) her dead partner’s, dead mom. And they did this despite the Tennessee Health Department telling them to stop.

This is perhaps one of the most glaring examples of how all of these actors define capitalism, and all work hand-in-hand together: the police, the banks and insurance companies. None of them are working for the people in a greedy society that values things over a person’s life and well being.

We need police reforms.

We need to Defund the Police.

We need Medicare for All, and we need it RIGHT NOW.





USS Ohio (BB-12) at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, August 10, 1915.

From left to Right of ships in the background: “Intrepid (Receiving ship Mare Island and Out of Commission), USS Cheyenne (Submarine Tender), USS H-1 (SS-28), USS H-2 (SS-29) are just visible along side), New York State Nautical School Ship Newport (PG-12) (Rear of dry dock), and USS Raleigh (CL-7) (Far right at the pier).

Colorized Source


Dry Dock Number 1.