Due to repression in the country and the use of excessive force by Police, first aid helpers had been using shields to protect themselves and the people they assist, who are injured and need to be taken to a safe place. In addition to the usual equipment they had to use in this context, what consist in white helmet, white coat, gas mask and a red or black cross visible in their body.

As we can see, Police hasn’t been respecting that and have attacked and open fire at protesters and volunteers, in the street and even in health centers.


Lefaucheux Mle 1858NT revolver

Made by the Manufacture d’Armes de Mutzig c.1859, converted to centerfire c.1873 – serial number 367.
12mm de Marine six-round cylinder, double action, side loading gate with manual ejector rod, new rear sight blade on the fluted part of the barrel.

When it became clear to the French Navy that they wouldn’t get either the Lefaucheux Mle1870 or the new Chamelot Delvigne Mle1873 anytime soon, they polished up their arsenal of Mle1858N revolver to use the same cartridges.