Yes, this is really a thing…

Yep, because baby formula is one of the most shoplifted things in America. Which should ALSO radicalize you.

Or… We stop shoplifting? 🤔 Are we demonizing acts to stop crimes now?

ill tear your head off your shoulders you dumb fuck

I’m all for radicalization like the government and society are fucked. But they put baby formula in locked cases because it is used to make meth. The store does this to keep an eye out if someone is buying way too much. Like waaaaay too much.

No. They lock it up because hungry babies need it and there is a thriving market for stealing baby formula because people will pay good money to guarantee their babies don’t starve.

You can’t make meth out of baby formula. You can stretch some drugs by cutting it with baby formula but “Drug dealers sometimes use the powdered formula to dilute heroin and methamphetamine or to stretch the product when supplies run low. However, experts say that more often than not, formula is stolen because of its high market demand among consumers rather than drug dealers.”

This is what imperialism and capitalism and the “war on drugs” does to people’s brains. You can see that people are so desperate to feed their babies that the people who rule your lives keep baby formula under lock and key but rather than that radicalizing you and making you want to fight for a world where no baby ever goes hungry, you justify this draconian bullshit because you’ve fallen for the propaganda that baby formula is used in some nebulous relation to “drugs” and drugs are bad so whatever inhuman monstrosity that occurs must be justifiable.