Something that I think is really interesting is that you can go back to the Minneapolis livestreams and watch this happen in real time. First 3 nights of the George Floyd uprising, there were only 2 people who could consistently maintain their signal, as a lot of journalists’ signals got spotty once things were getting hairy.

Both of these streamers kept admonishing people for busting shit up, kept calling for protests to be strictly peaceful.

One of them had to flee because the police scanners mentioned him by name and told officers he had a gun and was threatening people (he wasn’t), I’m not sure if he was streaming after that but he sounded like he got a lot more angry after that.


The other one you could see change by the hour. I think it was after the first night she stopped admonishing people for acting “violently” because she understood it. Then by the third night, I think she was kicking tear gas back towards police lines and helping provide medical to folks on the front lines.

We are an occupied country, like all the the US occupies.




The deputy who shot and killed 18-year-old Andres Guardado outside a car shop in Gardena was a prospective member of a violent clique inside the Compton Sheriff’s station, according to the sworn testimony of a whistleblower.


More than a dozen deputies have matching tattoos and belong to a violent clique called the Executioners at the station, according to Deputy Art Gonzalez, who filed a whistleblower complaint regarding the Executioners in June.

“I now call them a gang because that’s what gangs do – they beat up other people,” Gonzalez said.


“There are parties after shootings. They call them ‘998 parties.’ Some people say it’s to celebrate the deputy is alive. Others say it’s to celebrate that they’re going to be ‘inking’ somebody.”

Gonzalez, testifying for nearly six hours under oath, said the existence of the clique was “common knowledge” at the station and that the gang’s so-called shot caller controlled the work schedule and their actions boosted arrest numbers.


As for Gonzalez, he’s now on leave from the department and in fear for his life, he said. His testimony has inspired two more deputies to come forward with similar stories of the Compton station. 

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A few bad apples…..








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Watch the racists pretend like they can’t read all of a sudden

Couldn’t believe it so I found a source, it’s real

Man, I can’t imagine a black person getting away with this but it’s legal

Yup. So all those people that were like “just comply even if you did nothing wrong”, hell no! They shouldn’t be arresting you if you did nothing wrong. Especially how rough some of these cops are. More people knowing about this will cut down on these power hungry bad cops.

Reblogging again for quotes;

“Story affirmed the right of self-defense by persons held illegally. In his own writings, he had admitted that ‘a situation could arise in which the checks-and-balances principle ceased to work and the various branches of government concurred in a gross usurpation.’ There would be no usual remedy by changing the law or passing an amendment to the Constitution, should the oppressed party be a minority.

“Story concluded, ‘If there be any remedy at all … it is a remedy never provided for by human institutions.’ That was the ‘ultimate right of all human beings in extreme cases to resist oppression, and to apply force against ruinous injustice.’” (From Mutiny on the Amistad by Howard Jones, Oxford University Press, 1987, an account of the reading of the decision in the case by Justice Joseph Story of the Supreme Court.)

“An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).

“As a practical matter one should try to avoid relying on the above in an actual confrontation with law enforcement agents, who are likely not to know or care about any of it. Some recent courts have refused to follow these principles, and grand juries, controlled by prosecutors, have refused to indict officers who killed innocent people claiming the subject “resisted” or “looked like he might have a gun”. Once dedicated to “protect and serve”, far too many law enforcement officers have become brutal, lawless occupying military forces.“


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Protesting is a FELONY in Tennessee now…Facism at it’s finest (x)

I’m sorry, but people need to know this. This is LITERALLY the most blatant telltale sign of totalitarianism and this needs to be spread like wildfire.


The right to protest is in the Constitution.

So much for the #conservitards upholding the law.



8.15.20. Chicago

Protesters begin peaceful demonstrations to defund CPD, cancel the ICE citizens academy (an ICE program to militarize citizens against suspected immigrants), re-allocate funds towards community centers and e-learning, and have universities cut ties with ICE. Local police respond with tear gas and batons before the sun even sets.

The police are an occupying army.