Police chief apologizes for ‘insensitive’ viral photo of officers holding ‘homeless quilt’ 

The chief of an Alabama police department
apologized Monday following backlash surrounding a Facebook post with a
photo of two smiling officers posing with a “homeless quilt” constructed
from panhandling signs.

Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste called the photo an “insensitive gesture.”
It shows the officers holding a collection of panhandling signs
– “Anything helps” can be seen on a couple of the signs and “Need help”
is written on some of the others.

“Although we
do not condone panhandling and must enforce the city ordinances that
limit panhandling, it is never our intent or desire as a police
department to make light of those who find themselves in a homeless
state,” Battiste said in a Facebook post.

USA Today

True view of American heartlessness.





He got away with it.  And there were witnesses, and audio, and video.  I wonder what he does every time he puts on his uniform?


The judge needs to be removed from the bench for handing down such a sentence.

And because he’s a cop, the racist bitch will be kept away from other inmates and treated like royalty while in jail.







This is so much worse than this tweet conveys.

The ups driver was a hostage!

Some people took him hostage along with the truck to steal amazon Christmas packages.

The police unloaded on the truck knowing there was a hostage and killed the two people stealing the truck, the innocent ups driver, AND a woman simply driving her car by the scene.

There was absolutely no reason for any of these people to die.

4 people dead over some packages.

They also used nearby cars and the people in them as shields

Because nobody else is providing a link: December 5, 2019

There were 19 officers on the scene, outnumbering the robbers literally almost ten to one.

Not that it’s a shock but omfg ain’t nobody safe out here

Say it with us







Due to repression in the country and the use of excessive force by Police, first aid helpers had been using shields to protect themselves and the people they assist, who are injured and need to be taken to a safe place. In addition to the usual equipment they had to use in this context, what consist in white helmet, white coat, gas mask and a red or black cross visible in their body.

As we can see, Police hasn’t been respecting that and have attacked and open fire at protesters and volunteers, in the street and even in health centers.