What It Looks Like When the New York City Police Commissioner Has “Unchecked Power” Over Officer Discipline

What It Looks Like When the New York City Police Commissioner Has “Unchecked Power” Over Officer Discipline







Your daily reminder that Black Lives Still Fucking Matter. Casey Christian Goodson Jr. was mudered by police on December 4th and no one is talking about it. He was shot three times in the back entering his own home. The police are not going to get any better under Joe Biden, in fact, they will continue to get worse because there will be less media scrutiny. There is little to no media coverage of this story because of that very reason. We have to keep these stories in the public eye and continue to fight to defund the police just as hard in 2021.

Here’s a link to the full story from one of the few media sources reporting it.

Just found a petition. So far it has less than 5,000 signatures. Sign here:

4,240 of 5,000 signatures

It should not be that low. White middle class liberals don’t actually care about Black Lives Matter, which they are proving with their disinterest of all police shootings since Joe Biden was elected.

His family has organized a GoFundMe to help with the cost of his burial, and also has a CashApp and Venmo to donate to. If you want to donate to help the family, donate via one of these options and not to Change.org. Taken from the People’s Justice Project facebook page:

GoFundMe: http://gf.me/u/zbh8ny

CashApp: $TPayne2015

Venmo: @Tamala-Payne






TIL In 2012, a man was brutally stabbed while restraining a subway stabber who had killed 4 people. When police showed up they did nothing to treat the mans wounds or get him medical help. The courts later ruled that police have no legal obligation to protect or serve the public.

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This is also true in Canada:

Canada: Court Of Appeal Affirms Police Owe No Private Law Duty Of Care To Victims Or Their Families

Ultimately, the plaintiffs brought a claim against the Toronto Police Services Board (“TPSB”), alleging negligent investigation and seeking a declaration that the police should reinvestigate their son’s death as a homicide. The TPSB brought a motion to strike the claim under Rule 21 of the Rules of Civil Procedure on the basis that no duty of care was owed by police to victims of crime and their families and that the plaintiffs’ claim disclosed no reasonable cause of action or was statute barred.

The plaintiffs argued that the police owed a duty to them, as family members of a victim of crime, to conduct “a reasonably diligent investigation of [their son’s] death and to properly classify the death as a homicide or undetermined.” The motion judge disagreed, holding that the Court of Appeal had already determined in Norris v Gatien and Wellington v Ontario that no duty of care existed between police and the victims of crime and their families. The motion judge found that it was plain and obvious that the TPSB did not owe a duty of care to the plaintiffs and struck the claim in its entirety.

Also this:

See? Even In Canada, The Police Have No Obligation / Duty To Protect You !!!!!!!!!

The appeal court panel ruling upheld trial judge Justice Ross Collver’s
decision, which stated that the police are guardians and not guarantors of
public safety. Collve
r found the police officer was negligent, but said
there was no direct evidence to suggest the RCMP’s failure to investigate her complaint caused the violent outburst.