4.17.21. Brooklyn Center, MN

Police dispersed a protest shortly into the night, then forced all journalists to surrender and consent to photographs of their faces, credentials, and IDs. Police also arrested marked medics for being present.

A local church opened to injured protestors the night before, and dozens of police responded by surrounding the church the following day.

Police are the acting arm of fascism.

police response is similar in other cities, like LA and NY pictured here. All cops have an interest in their own power and demanding their ability to kill with impunity.

That picture of the cops surrounding the church looks like a joke. It’s not.

It’s not a joke. In fact most of those guys standing around doing absolutely nothing of value for their community are earning overtime. Which will cost their community more. For nothing of value.

When people say “Defund the Police” this is part of what they mean. Useless displays of force that only serve to brutalize their citizens and result in cities paying out millions of dollars in settlements.

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