IJN Iwami.
Former Russian Oryol, captured 28.5.1905 after Tsushima battle. She was capitally reconstructed.
in 1914 she saw service in the siege of Tsingtao, firing at German defensive positions ashore alongside two other ex-Russian battleships and HMS Triumph. In order to
shell the city and defenses without coming under fire from coastal
artillery. She accomplished this by listing herself to increase the
range of her main battery, and fired 30 shells at three separate targets
about 10 miles away; she repeated this action the next day.


Kaba class Imperial Japanese Navy destroyer Katsura helping allies in the Adriatic, Jul 4 1917

Colourized by Irootoko Jr

4 July 1917-07-04

The 2nd Special Squadron (10 February 1917 – 2 July 1919) was an Imperial Japanese Navy fleet. In accordance with the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, the fleet helped defend Allied shipping in the Mediterranean theater of operations of World War I.

Oryol (Russian: Орёл) was a Borodino-class battleship built for the Russian Imperial Navy in the first decade of the 20th century.
Oryol was badly damaged during the Battle of Tsushima in May 1905 and surrendered to the Japanese who put her into service under the name of Iwami.
Reconstructed by the Japanese in 1905–1907, Iwami was reclassified by the Imperial Japanese Navy as a coastal defence ship in 1912.
Iwami was used as a training ship beginning in September 1921.
The ship was disarmed in 1922 to comply with the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty and sunk as a target ship.