Tatiana Markina – Infantry captain 

Tatiana Markina served in the Russian infantry disguised as a man during the 18th century.

She was a Don Cossack and lived during the reign of Empress Catherine the Great. At the age of 20, she disguised herself as a man with the surname “Krutochkin” and joined an infantry regiment in Novocherkassk. Since she left no writings, her motivations are unknown. Tatiana was described as “strong-willed, energetic and militant” and was ultimately promoted to the rank of captain.

Her true identity was apparently discovered and someone made a complaint. Tatiana appealed to the empress who ordered physicians to examine her. They found out that she was a woman, which led her to be discharged. Tatiana was nonetheless given a pension and returned to her village. 

A woman named Aleksandra Tikhomirova also reportedly served for 15 years in the Russian cavalry in the late 18th and 19th century. She apparently took the place of her brother, whom she greatly resembled. Though she had gained command of her company, she was killed in 1807. Her identity was thus discovered. 


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Sep 13 1917 During the

Kerensky Offensive

writer and war correspondent Dr Grondijs took this picture, IWM Q 115197, of the first attack by the Russian troops after the Revolution resulted in the capture of Dzikie Łany, a fortified summit south-west of Tarnopol (the Austro-Hungarian partition of Poland), 13 September 1917. The victorious troops were composed of Siberian regiments, and the first line who secured this photograph. 

Photo shows: The second wave of the attack waiting to advance. The officer seen standing on the bank is Lieutenant Glouschkoff, killed in action an hour later.

Production date: 1917-09-13



Зауэрвейд Александр Иванович (1782-1844) – «Офицеры, низшие чины и горнист Лейб-гвардии Преображенского полка» (Портрет полковника Викентия Ивановича Де Бан-Скоротецкого, штабс-капитана Назимова, унтер-офицера Якова Константинова, гренадера Василия Котова, стрелка Якова Поротова, горниста Григория Демидова) Конец 1820-х гг.

Zauerweid Alexander (1782-1844)- “Officers, lower ranks and bugler of the Preobrazhensky Life guards regiment” Date 1820s