Rich people showers

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As we merrily go through year four of drought, the wealthy find new ways to be hated.




The Great Reset is well underway. I know a lot of people on here are either NEETs or too young to even think about buying a home, but corporations, pension funds and property investment groups are buying EVERYTHING!

If this isn’t stopped RIGHT NOW then you might find in 10-20 years that you’ve been consigned to a permanent renter class.

Blackrock, among others, are buying homes and entire neighborhoods, upwards of 20% and even 50% over list price so that they can transform them into Single Family Rentals. Property ownership is a big step towards financial stability and upward mobility, and they know this. This is naked class warfare, and most Americans are just ignorant of it. Don’t let them take your future from you.

I don’t know how to impress upon you that this is very likely the most important issue facing 21st century America. Blackrock is funded by the federal reserve, and at the behest of billionaires the world over they’re doing their damnest to force a return to feudalism. It isn’t just happening in the US either, Lloyd’s Bank in the UK is doing the same thing, and no doubt many more nations across the world will be following their example.

Communism, fascism, it doesn’t fucking matter if we’re all peasants in the end.

Thank you Bloomberg, very cool!