Mark Zuckerberg lost $119 Billion dollars on the stock market today (7/26/18). This is the largest loss of wealth in a single day in modern stock history.

This will literally not change his lifestyle or effect his livelihood at all. He is still a multi-billionaire.

If I worked every single day, for the rest of my life, at $15/hr – which is more than twice the national minimum wage – I would never make even 1/1000th the amount of just the money that Zuckerberg lost today.

If I worked every single day, for the entirety of the time that anatomically modern humans have existed (200,000 years) – at $15/hr – I would still not make one tenth of the amount of just the money he lost today.

And he is still a billionaire and will lose literally zero luxury or well-being from what happened today.

You want to know how absolutely grotesque modern wealth inequality is?

There you go.


Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s Secretary of Education, is high on the shortlist for the very competitive title of “most despised person in the cabinet.”

A billionaire who essentially bought herself her prominent position on the Trump team, DeVos has used her time in office to wage war on our public schools and has done everything in her power to make life harder for American students.

“Whether it is rolling back President Obam’s rules governing campus sexual assault, revoking guidances aiming to curb racial discrimination in schools, stripping transgender students of their rights, or cutting off debt relief for students defrauded by fake for-profit “colleges,” she has done nothing but heap hardship on America’s most vulnerable students.”

Which is why it should bring a smile to your face when you hear that somebody untied her $40 million yacht and set it adrift on Lake Erie.

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