why are these kids just out here in their prom pics looking like the personified embodiment of capitalism and america that youd see in an old soviet propaganda poster

i can tell you right now that these are rich people. it’s not the hot tub in the background. it’s not even the money suit. it’s the fact that both girls are dressed and styled like women in their 40s. seriously, i have two cousins who are rich as hell and this is how they dress. ive seen pictures of groups of them flocked together, usually somewhere with a golf course in the background, every last one of them dressed exactly like their mothers. i dont know why. but i can tell you right now with absolute certainty these girls went to a debutante ball and have had their own horse since they were 10. they named it trudy or something. i know all this because those girls are about to leave the house looking like the desperate housewives and nobody sees anything wrong with that 

Damn, chill^
I purchased my first horse as a child with birthday funds, lets save all that salt for fries honey.

“i purchased my first horse as a child with birthday funds”

“my first horse”


Mark Zuckerberg lost $119 Billion dollars on the stock market today (7/26/18). This is the largest loss of wealth in a single day in modern stock history.

This will literally not change his lifestyle or effect his livelihood at all. He is still a multi-billionaire.

If I worked every single day, for the rest of my life, at $15/hr – which is more than twice the national minimum wage – I would never make even 1/1000th the amount of just the money that Zuckerberg lost today.

If I worked every single day, for the entirety of the time that anatomically modern humans have existed (200,000 years) – at $15/hr – I would still not make one tenth of the amount of just the money he lost today.

And he is still a billionaire and will lose literally zero luxury or well-being from what happened today.

You want to know how absolutely grotesque modern wealth inequality is?

There you go.