Reasons why I like tumblr









1. None of my family is on here

2. Barely anyone in my life knows the website even exists.

3. employers won’t ask for my tumblr handle

4. Website doesn’t post a “timeline” with laser-targeted ads about me.

5. Non-algorythmic feed. It lets me read shit in the order it was posted.

6. Can’t see other people’s follower counts. Big and small blogs interact/mix better, no one is idolized.

7. Collective insanity

yeah pretty much

also – it’s very easy to control your level of interaction


Update on Alaska:
Thousands of pre-spawned Alaskan Salmon are just dying in the water before reaching their destination to spawn because water temperatures are too hot, and there isn’t enough oxygen in the water to sustain them, and they’re suffocating.

Here’s the Article detailing a bit more information.

Stephanie Quinn Davidson, the Director of the Yukon Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, took a team of scientists along 200 miles of the Koyukuk River to investigate a die-off of chum salmon at the end of July. The team counted 850 dead, unspawned chum — and that, she said, was a minimum count.

“We were boating, going about 35 or 40 miles per hour, and we know we missed a lot,” she said. “On a boat going by relatively fast, we were probably getting at most half the fish and at the least about ten percent of the fish.”

Locals to the area said this same thing happened four or five years, ago, she said, but not to the scale it did this year.

She attributes the deaths to heat stress.

“We cut open the fish, looked for any size of disease, infections, parasites. … By all indications, these fish looked healthy,” she said. “They didn’t have any marks on them, or any sign of disease or stress otherwise. And the die off event coincides with the week of heat we had.”