remember when Jim introduced Spock to his own parents lmao we stan a legend

They definitely brought this story up during the wedding.

Sarek did it.

“Not so many know, but once James introduced me to my own son…”

Funny as that is, this reads as an absolute POWER MOVE to a father not proud of his son. “Look at that, he’s my First Officer because he’s AWESOME. You know who isn’t? You.”

No no no. You don’t understand. Kirk DOESN’T KNOW that this is Spock’s father. He’s talking up his first mate to the Vulcan Ambassador that Spock never bothered to mention is his DAD because their father-son relationship is THAT BAD. This is a power move but it’s not Kirk’s, it’s Spock’s XD

You take one look at that vulcan salute and tell me it isn’t the BIGGEST shit-eating grin

🖖 (derogatory)

That is a man saying, “My eyebrows are pointier than yours, my haircut more severe, my shirt more ironed. You are a relatively minor guest on this starship, while I am the second in command. You said I was a disgrace, yet here I stand. 🖖 Your move.”