The Booksellers (D.W. Young, 2019)

This hits on a really important point libraries have been trying to get across for YEARS!

Data rot is a thing. Look around for a file you made 7 years ago and you’ll have trouble opening it, if at all. I’ve lost entire novels this way.

A book? That will last for centuries. I can throw a book in a deacidification bath and guarantee it a long life. But a computer file? It’s only a matter of a very short time.

And ebooks have the issue of license agreements. You don’t buy ebooks. You license them. You purchase the ebook license and suddenly, a year later, you don’t have it because of license terms that you don’t understand and are under the control of the publisher.

Book stores aren’t dying because of millennials. Millennials are really the driving force behind saving them. What’s really killing bookstores is a combination of cost of print vs value, average salary compared to inflation, and the monopoly of large book sellers hedging out the market and driving up the price of print.



Cop’s name is Philip Brailsford

He shot Shaver 5 times in the chest when Shaver, while crawling on all fours towards the officers, reached to pull his shorts up

Shaver was unarmed during the encounter, crying, and desperately begging for his life. In the official police report, Brailsford claimed he believed Shaver was crawling towards the police to put himself in a better position to shoot them, despite Shaver initially begging to be handcuffed while he was laying down to lower the risks of being shot. It was only after police ordered him to crawl towards them that Shaver began crawling

The dustcover of the rifle Brailsford used to kill Shaver was engraved with the words “You’re Fucked”. The judge decided this was inadmissible as evidence, despite prosecutors arguing it was a clear indicator of his mindset at the time of the shooting

Brailsford was found not guilty on the charge of second degree murder two years after the incident, and reinstated to the Mesa Police Department. This reinstatement was for the sole purpose of allowing Brailsford to apply for work-related disability (PTSD), at which point he was granted early retirement from the force with a 2.5k a month pension

Every. Single. Cop. Is. A. Bastard. They are either murderers or they are enablers. There is no such thing as a good, or even a decent, cop