Hot take: people can wear face masks if they want to, just don’t force people to. Easy enough.




That defeats the purpose of the mask, here’s a quick summary of how they work, courtesy of @lockheed-martini

There’s no connection between “right wing thinking” and misunderstanding of masks. This is just a continuation of labeling anyone who questions anything from the government or ‘official NGO’ bodies as ‘right wing conspiracy theorists’.

There’s a connection between misunderstanding of masks, and the inability of governments and health organizations to put out consistent and non-conflicting guidelines involving social distancing, which IS arguable effective, and mask use which is less arguably effective, and now the new big pharma wundervaccine.

We’ve gone from “masks do nothing don’t buy them!” to “just kidding they’re the only thing that will save you!” to “actually you need two masks!”. The wundervaccine narrative went from “if you want to stop wearing a mask you’ll need to get the vaccine!” to “even if you get the vaccine you’ll have to keep wearing a mask!” and “more vaccines might be needed”.

I understand the need to trot out that security blanket strawman and misrepresent anything right wing as backwards and uneducated, but there is a lot of valid criticism from both sides of the spectrum about the “official guidelines” and dismissing it all as ‘right-wing bunk’ reeks of corporate American media propaganda, but maybe we shouldn’t looking for much more from a dude who beats off to an arm of the US military-industrial complex.

The connection between right wing thinking and misunderstanding masks is easy, friendo. They both revolve around the immediate concern of “how does this benefit or inconvenience me personally?” 9 times out of 10, if someone online is under the false belief that the purpose of masks is to reduce your personal chances of catching the virus, I have found they are a right winger. The thought process goes: 

1. “This doesn’t reduce my own chances, as the evidence shows.” 

2. “I consider this an inconvenience to myself.”

3. “Personal benefit not worth the inconvenience, I will now make anti-mask rants on social media.”

At no point is there even a faint concern for others, or the hint of an idea that the masks are not to benefit yourself. The idea that a personal inconvenience for yourself will lower the chances of fatal infections to more vulnerable people around yourself apparently too alien a concept to grasp.

Also, implications of poor education or understanding of science and the world is not strawman. Inability to grasp scientific principles is a relevant direction for argument when discussing viral transmission, period. If I called you ugly, when discussing Covid, that would be strawman. Saying you don’t know what you’re talking about is not a strawman. When you argue with doctors and immunologists, billions of dollars of research and over a year of practical observations with sample sizes of whole countries, then your lack of understanding or education is not a strawman attack, it is an entirely relevant point.

Now, I’m sorry your government put out conflicting and poor quality information for the last year, but you voted for them (I would assume). Mine hasn’t been much better, but at least they’ve been clear on masks, because Europeans didn’t turn a piece of cloth or paper into a major political issue.


Behold, Jim Wright nails this little weasel to the wall:

Reporter: “Within hours of the storming of the Capitol, the FBI seized thousands of phone records — including from members of Congress.”

Matt Gaetz: <sounds of sphincter panic clenching>“We should hold hearings in the House Judiciary Committee to review how and why the FBI was gobbling up phone data from their critics.”

YOU gave law enforcement and intelligence the authority.

YOU did.

YOU personally gave them that. Everytime you authoritarian assholes renew the Patriot Act and those associated secret laws that are allegedly all about “national security,” YOU give them that power, Congressman.

YOU did that.

YOU. Didn’t you know? Didn’t you check? That’s your job, legislator. What were you doing instead?

I’ll tell you what you were doing: you were busy calling the rest of us unamerican and unpatriotic for warning you about removing the limits on law enforcement and the intelligence community.


YOU didn’t give a shit when you thought those laws would be used to spy on Black Lives Matter, or Muslims, or ANTIFA, or all those people YOU hate. What’s your problem now?

And it is YOUR problem, isn’t it? Heh heh.

Funny thing, according to people like you, if you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear, right? That’s what you tell the people YOU hate.

Well, isn’t it?

YOU seems a tad nervous, Congressman. Do YOU have something to fear?

You maybe wondering what NSA and the FBI have on YOUR phone calls?

Yeah, I can understand how a bum like you, might be nervous, given that you in your own words refer to traitors, insurrectionists, and the seditionists who stormed the Capitol Building waving Confederate flags and wearing MAGA hats, who murdered a cop, who tried to murder members of congress, who tried to overthrow the election and install Donald Trump – a guy YOU support 100% – as dictator, as “critics.”



These people beat a cop to death with an American flag. Critics.

These are YOUR people, Matt Gaetz.

This is YOUR murderous ideology.

This is YOUR violent insurrection.

This is YOUR militia, right here in Santa Rosa County.

I can see how you might be a bit nervous at the idea of the FBI examining your phone records.

You should be.

Politicians SHOULD fear accountability.

For four years, you’ve gotten away with it, gotten away with your lies and your stunts and your belligerent incompetence. Without Trump, you’d be nobody, no one would even know your name.

But Trump can’t protect you anymore. And your daddy can’t buy your way out of it either.

Justice is coming for you.








They are talking about a second Krystallnacht, let us be clear about this.

For the week of J20, be careful, support your locals, and be armed and ready to dip.

They will apparently be targeting higher profile Jewish persons and places but other activists/PoC/Minorities are not off the menu.

They are out for blood, please plan with your community, make yourselves safe.

Image Description: DMS or comments labeled ‘Boogaloo comments’. A message labeled ‘Boogaloo Intel Drop’ leads as follows: 

A graphic with the words Million Militia March, January 20, 2021 Washington DC. Beneath the words “@/wuishappening The Trumpists will be keeping DC and the military busy on the 20th as you can see. Meanwhile the lizards homes all across the country should be open for more professional ops.” 

Then there is another message, in a thread labeled ‘The Great Reset’, which reads as follows: “Gee what do we have here [eyes emoji]. The technocrats panicking and fortifying their sacred little civic religion capital? I bet they fully plan mass arrests of trumpist conservitards all in one spot. 

However it seems they’re disregarding the fact that unlike a centralized bureaucracy the common accelerationist isn’t one org, it’s multiple groups in multiple locations. There is no formal hierarchy. Thus, it would be pretty stupid if anyone here was actually considering going to a meme 2nd protest in DC just to get mowed down/arrested. 

The smart ones are those who exploit the divided attention and the incapability of this Jewish government to protect more than one place and more than a few persons. A popular guerrilla onslaught is a nightmare for them, why do you think they’ve been so hellbent on banning guns and body armor? 

These lizards have addresses outside DC, all over the country, hell maybe nearby in your fly-over state. Is the military going to deploy in mass everywhere? 

They can’t” 

End ID 

Corroboration and expansion by a trusted friend, so I’m putting this in a reblog now: if you’re a POC in Seattle and you need someone to run errands or somewhere to shelter, feel free to DM me. I don’t really have money, but I’ll do everything that I can that doesn’t require it. 

Please take this seriously.

If you’re willing to help out jewish people in these areas, too, please say so.
These motherfuckers are explicitly targeting Jewish people and Jewish communities. “Lizard” is still code for “Jewish”. Don’t leave these communities out of your offers for help.


Fucking Nazi’s.