Title: Isaac Woodard with his mother, July 12th, 1946, five months after the World War II veteran was brutally beaten and blinded by a South Carolina police chief while he was en route to rejoin his family shortly after his honourable discharge from the Army on February 12th, 1946. [1192 x 1500]

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Lots of 30’s and 40’s era Nazi propaganda on youtube.
Have a look and see how perfectly the pattern is followed here.

I’ve been getting this ad for months because I subscribe to gun channels and yeah, it’s fasc propaganda of the highest order.

Be smart. Be aware. This is happening right now.


FBI: Far-Right Extremist Posed As BLM Protester, Fired On Minneapolis Police Precinct

FBI: Far-Right Extremist Posed As BLM Protester, Fired On Minneapolis Police Precinct




it’s interesting how I haven’t seen news coverage about it in months. I wasn’t even aware they were still ongoing.



10.10.20. Washington DC

BLM protests continue, over 120 days now. DC protesters have been in the streets for months to defund the police. In response to calls to defund the police, the police have increased their brutality. How could reform work on those who abuse power to maintain it?

“Still protesting bc
police reaction to protests against police brutality
is police brutality”

people drop everything as soon as it isn’t trendy.

It’s not that people are dropping it; it’s more like corporate media making a conscious choice not to cover the ongoing protests.