Just imagine for a minute if Republicans spent half the energy trying to fix things as they did to try to eliminate them. They spent seven years trying to eliminate the ACA, but when they got the chance to repeal and replace it, they didn’t have a clue. The cuts that are in the new budget proposal almost precisely offset the tax cuts they just handed out, 83% of which go to the top 10% and corporations.

But let’s get our facts straight here people…If the Republicans would pay back the trillions that they “borrowed”, or rather “raided” from the Social Security Trust Fund over the years to fund their giveaways to the wealthy…Our current recipients could be receiving an actual living stipend, and their Grand-kids could look forward to one also…These corrupt Republicans are so full of shit…It’s unbelievable!

Lying as usual. An individual republican lie, this one, for example, has been repeated for decades.

Republicans deliberately run up the deficit so they can say they have to cut Social Security and Medicare.