Supermarine Swift is a British single-seat jet-propelled fighter aircraft that was operated by the Royal Air Force.
You’ve gotta love a jet that was built, at least the model 510 prototype, as a “tail dragger,” and with a cockpit a Spitfire pilot would be comfortable with.
For a brief time the fastest, and lasted until 1967 speaks for itself.



Hawker Hurricane IIa ‘P3351 / K’ (F-AZXR) by Alan Wilson

Via Flickr:

Built at Brooklands in 1940 as MkI ‘P3351’ this Hurricane went on to serve with 73sqn during the Battle of France.
Relegated to a training role, she suffered an accident in September 1941 and was rebuilt as a MkIIa. At this time she was reserialled as ‘DR393’.
She immediately went to Russia and saw Soviet service until shot down in the winter of 1943.
Recovered in 1991, she was restored by Hawker Restorations for Tim Wallis in New Zealand.
Although restored as a MkIIa, she has been painted to represent her original status as P3351 during the Battle of France.
She is now privately owned, appropriately based in France and is seen taking off to display at the 2019 Fête Aérienne Le Temps Des helices (Aerial Festival – The Time of the Propellers).
Aérodrome de Cerny-La-Ferté-Alais, Cerny, France
9th June 2019