you could curse a police officer out, kick their car, throw a temper tantrum and throw trash. and that still doesnt mean they get to kill you. what the fuck is wrong with yall? why do you think police get some special license to kill when they get disrespected?

if they cant do their job without murdering unarmed people, they dont deserve their badge, or anyones respect.

Except it isn’t always that simple.

Except it literally is. I deal with verbal and emotional abuse daily at my job. I get disrespected daily. I’ve had customers throw things at me. Not one of those situations have I ever felt the need to pull a gun on them and shoot them. In fact, I am expected to tolerate that kind of abuse with a smile and often times those people get rewarded for their behavior.

If a cop can’t deal with being disrespected without murdering people then they don’t need to be a fucking cop.

paramedics & emergency room medical staff deal with people pulling the most disrespectful, violent, deranged shit and still continue to provide care. they shouldn’t have to put up with that but they fucking do, and they don’t fucking shoot people for being rude to them.

Add teachers to the list of professions that deal with some wild behavior and still manage not to kill people.








Amazing. This is ten thousand year old water trapped inside of a polished quartz crystal.

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Must slurp.

posted by a naruto blog… loves it

All I can think is “I would NOT wanna be the person responsible for polishing it.”

Everyone’s thinking of slurping but I’m wondering

Prison for decades old bacteria/creature?

tbh with the rate the world’s going, I’d take being possessed by the supernatural entity in this rock water any day

ancient fruit gusher