WWI hospital care OTD


Aug 20 1915 Auguste Léon takes these 106-year-old colour autochrome photos of care at a French military hospital 

Beaugency, France, A 6 804

Beaugency, France, A 6 803

Beaugency, France, A 6 799

Beaugency, France, A 6 799

Beaugency, France, A 6 798

Beaugency, France, A 6 796

France, Beaugency, Hopital militaire 47. Tresseurs, de Montauban, un bras avec palmier tatoué.



Source: Albert-Kahn Museum / Department of Hauts-de-Seine

Women in mobilized in France



Spirited Frenchwomen tilling the soil for which all French manhood was fighting – 

Great War Vol 10 published in 1918

Aug 3 1917 Courageous women in Oise, France harnessed to a plow

Library of Congress Control Number: 2002698245

Getty claims this photo is from Aug 3 1917

A reminder that horses were also mobilized, making farmwork even more difficult.