The lost images of anarchist Barcelona

Re-discovered after 80 years, the photographic legacy of the CNT which brings the libertarian revolution in Barcelona back to life, is now exhibited for the first time.

“The exposition tries to dismantle the image of anarchism constructed by the bourgeoisie over the years,” says Andrés Antebi, one of the commissioners of the exposition. “The propaganda office of the CNT focused on dismantling the stigma of anarchism being roaming bandits and irrational violence.”


A group of Slovenes from the company “Matija Gubec” ahead of the offensive on Brunet in early July 1937. Among others stands Aleš Bebler (second from the right). 

Our Spaniards: a collection of photographs and documents on the participation of Yugoslav volunteers in the Spanish War 1936-1939 , Ljubljana, 1961.

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