“The vaccine is not a cure motherfuckers, it is a layer of protection – up to 95%. 95% is not 100%. They’ve been telling you this since Day 1. You can still get COVID-19 even if you’re vaccinated. We didn’t kill the virus – it’s still very much there. But the vaccine helps protect you from developing severe symptoms from the virus, so you don’t die. It also reduces the risk of you spreading the virus so other people don’t die.“



i feel like everyone’s forgotten some Covid basics so please let me remind you:

  • Your mask protects others more than it protects you
  • You can still spread covid even if you’re vaccinated or not showing any symptoms
  • The more this spreads around, the more mutated variants of the virus will appear and they WILL be stronger than the original

so like maybe stop being a little bitch and endangering others because you really, really needed to go out to dinner or get fucked up at a bar instead of in your home like a respectable person