Another in the series marking the 100th Anniversary of the start of the Great War.

A French Dragoon as he would appear in 1914, during the battle of the frontiers.

The only concession to campaigning is the cloth cover for the M¡1872/1874 Helmet.

He is armed with lance, sabre & Berthier Carbine.

The regiment fought at the victory at Rozelieures (August 24. 1914).

USS Olympia C-6

by MercenaryGraphics

The USS OLYMPIA was the flagship of the Asiatic Squadron. It is the
only naval vessel from the American Spanish-American War fleet still in
existence. OLYMPIA is one of the most significant vessels in United
States history as she was the flagship of Commodore Dewey in his victory
over the Spanish Squadron at Manilla Bay. The United States took a
large step towards becoming a world power with his victory.

USS OLYMPIA is permanently docked at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. It
is the only American warship from the Spanish American War still in

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