This is already going wild places Im-


What must their home life be like. Like if these are their power games. What goes on behind closed doors. What the fuck.

You know who I feel bad for? THE FRIENDS.

Like imagine you know this couple and they’re kinda weird but hey you’re friends and it ain’t like you aren’t weird yourself.

And then one day one of them shows up as an elf. And the other one, naruto. And it’s INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS that they’re playing some sort of mind game or power game with each other.

Like. If these friends didn’t just be like “actually I have to go home right now bye” then they’re better people than I.

Okay okay my god okay okay

First NOW it’s spiraling? Now, buddy? You think it’s getting out of hand NOW????

Second, break up or act like adults. Sorry, you’re both in your 20s? You two need to sit down and have a conversation about this, and moreso about your communication problems. And the mind games clearly being played here.

Doing what she’s doing is going to solve what, exactly? This IS petty and ultimately causing more problems than it’s solving. To say nothing of what might be going on with her.

Tbh, no. It isn’t salvageable. Good luck OP.

Oh my goodness, there was MORE.

Throw the whole relationship away, fuckssakes…

He needs to jump that sinking ship. I hope they’re both okay.

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