If y’all wanna know how Canada is doing with the apocalyptic heatwave, an entire town spontaneously combusted the other day and is now Gone

This sounds exaggerated but Lytton B.C. is now uninhabitable and missing a number of residents. Please y’all pay attention and prepare for evacaution warnings

Holy Shit

A look at downtown Lytton, B.C., before and after a fire swept through the village on June 30, 2021.

Left: Tourism Lytton Instagram; Right: Submitted to Global News

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Record Heat Wave Set To Scorch Pacific Northwest To Southern California

Record Heat Wave Set To Scorch Pacific Northwest To Southern California





that the brutal repression deployed against the universally peaceful farmer’s protests has seen so little coverage in the lefty western ‘media’ is unsurprising but still demoralizing

She’s facing charges of sedition, criminal conspiracy and other scary stuff. They keep arresting young adults so the rest of us get scared and quiet and it is horrifying.

She did not have her lawyers present when she was produced in court and had to plead her case herself. She has been given a five day police custody and it’s very possible that proper procedure wasn’t followed during her arrest.

Can we please bring attention to the fact that they used a picture of Greta Thunberg to go with this article? Especially when you consider this is a quote from Disha Ravi herself:

“People of colour are suffering from the climate crisis first-hand – a lot of people don’t give us attention that we need. The fact that you would choose to listen to a white person on the same issue rather than a person of colour, to me, is environmental racism”