If the police were afraid of being falsely accused of brutality, they’d be actively demanding to be filmed at all times. But they don’t.

If the police didn’t want to be seen as a gang, they’d be demanding the repeal of all laws against victimless actions so their only focus would be on violent criminals. But they don’t.

If the police feared for their lives in every encounter with civilians, they’d do everything they could to reduce the number of encounters. For example, they’d demand the repeal of quotas, and they’d feel relieved when social workers want to take over some of those encounters. But they don’t.

If the police didn’t want to be judged as a group when one of them does something bad, they’d be actively and openly condemning the bad police officers and making sure everyone witnesses that. But they don’t.

It’s almost as if everything the police say is a lie.

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