The Battle of Palmdale was the attempted shoot-down of a runaway drone by United States Air Force interceptors in the skies over Southern California in mid-August 1956. The drone was launched from Point Mugu Naval Air Station and soon went out of control. Interceptor aircraft took off from Oxnard Air Force Base and caught up with the drone, but were ultimately unable to bring it down, despite using all of their rockets. After it ran out of fuel, the unmanned aircraft crashed in a sparsely populated tract of desert.

Phoebe Snow
Rail travel around 1900 was tough on the clothing of passengers. After a long trip on a coal-powered train, travelers frequently would disembark covered with black soot, unless the locomotives were powered by anthracite, a cleaner-burning form of coal. The Lackawanna owned vast anthracite mines in Pennsylvania, and could legitimately claim that the clothes of their passengers would remain clean after a long trip.
To promote this, the Calkins advertising department created, “Phoebe Snow”, described as “a young New York socialite, and a frequent passenger of the Lackawanna.