I’m tired of the myth that Ronald Reagan drove in on an eagle-shaped bulldozer and dismantled the Berlin Wall all by himself. A lot of the credit actually goes to the protestors who vigilantly pressured the government. 

Also, the beginning of the Wall Fall was the result of an incompetent bureaucrat.

When the wall started to fall on November 9th, it was a mistake. In the face of mass protests against the regime in 1989 and thousands of East Germans seeking refuge at West German embassies in Eastern Europe, East German leaders waived the old visa rules stating that citizens needed a pressing reason for travel, such as a funeral or wedding of a family member. 

East Germans would still have to apply for visas to leave the country, but they would supposedly be granted quickly and without any requirements. Yet the Communist Party official who announced these changes, Guenter Schabowski, missed most of the key meeting about the travel procedures and went unprepared to a news conference. In response to reporters’ questions about when the new law would take effect, he said, “Immediately, without delay.” Schabowski left the impression that people could immediately cross the border, though he meant to say they could apply for visas in an orderly manner. 

Over the next several hours, thousands of East Berliners gathered at the checkpoints along the wall. Since the country’s leaders hadn’t intended to completely open the border, the supervisors at the crossing points had received no new orders. The chief officer on duty at the Bornholmer Street checkpoint, Harald Jaeger, kept calling his superiors for guidance on how to handle the growing mass of increasingly angry East Berliners expecting to be let through. Jaeger finally gave up around 11:30 p.m. and allowed people to pass through en masse. Guards at other crossing points soon followed suit. The East German regime never fully regained control.

Perhaps instead of Reagan, we should build a statue of Guenter Schabowski worriedly looking at his watch. The plaque can have the caption, “I hope I didn’t miss anything important at that meeting.”

I posted this in the middle of the night and didn’t know it would connect with so many. But shitting on Reagan and correcting whitewashed history is a favorite pastime of mine, so I guess it would make sense others would feel the same. 







Imagine being the gays at a pride event in 2004 living their lives when someone grabs the microphone and announces to the room that Ronald Reagan was pronounced dead. Can you even imagine the hype, the celebration, the pure elation

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Reagan was truly a piece of shit.



How effing dare they? But of course, they do. trump and his people have figured out, yet again, the fog-horn version of the dog-whistle.

“The Biden campaign on Wednesday evening criticized [t]rump and the timing and location of next week’s rally.

”‘Do some research on #Juneteenth and the racial violence that took place in Oklahoma known as the Tulsa Race Massacre, 1921,’ Kamau Marshall, the campaign’s director of strategic communications, wrote on Twitter.“

The dog-whistling, performed by Reagan as by other Republicons, was ugly enough.

"Reagan launched his 1980 general election campaign with a speech lauding ‘states’ rights’ outside Philadelphia, Mississippi — the site of the notorious ‘Mississippi Burning’ murder of three civil rights workers in 1964.

…"James Chaney, Mickey Schwerner and Andrew Goodman were abducted and killed in Mississippi by the local Ku Klux Klan in June 1964 — a case that garnered enormous national attention because, as Schwerner’s widow said, he and Goodman were white.

"On August 3, 1980, Reagan traveled to the Neshoba County Fair, which a prominent state Republican had recommended as the place to find ‘George Wallace-inclined voters.’ There — within walking distance of the earthen dam where the murderers of the three civil rights workers had surreptitiously buried them just 16 years before — Reagan delivered a speech…[endorsing] ‘states’ rights’ — the same phrase white Southerners had used for decades to justify Jim Crow segregation.”

trump, seeking to kick-off his campaign covid-rally shout-ins, is choosing Tulsa? That is so far from coincidence as to be completely foul.

Reagan was a shitty human.




Even in the middle of a pandemic Congress is still trying to strangle USPS to death. Lord.

For anyone that’s unaware on how Congress has tried to bleed the USPS dry for decades to benefit private shipping corporations and b/c it was an example of the Government actually working, here you go:





There’s nothing liberal about crushing labor unions, exacerbating inequality or destroying social services.  That’s actual the liberal holy trinity: unions, equality and social services.  The fact “liberal” has “neo” as a prefix makes it easier to dismiss liberal politicians and blur the lines between conservatives and liberals.  And not just all liberals – specific liberals who threaten the success of other liberals.  In other words, it’s a lazy, useless but artificially loaded term that means nothing and requires the user to prove nothing.  

The liberal part refers to relaxed government regulations. As in, liberally letting business do as it pleases. Its the literal definition of liberal. Granted its easy to be confused in this day in age since liberal is mainstream talk for leftism, but the point still stands. Both parties are responsible for letting this ideology spread. Republicans want to put everyone under the corporate boot and Democrats at best have wasted their time trying to play the nice guy and appease or compromise with republicans.

Reagan and his administration are the ones who obliterated government regulations.  It also destroyed unions and affordable college, thereby destroying the middle class.  When you say “both parties are responsible for letting this ideology spread” I believe what youre referring to is the free market, is this right?  Because I think that’s a fair-ish point.  The idea of a free market is just that – an idea. It doesn’t exist. But it’s hyponotized Republicans and Democrats.  But more so Republicans and to a massive extent.