Why I’m especially fascinated by the flat earth theory



One of the things that fascinates me the most about the flat earth conspiracy is the unclear motives and goals of the supposed conspiracy.  With every conspiracy the conspirators have clear motives for carrying out the conspiracy.  For example there would be good motives for starting a war as doing so could benefit weapons manufacturers, be a way to enforce domestic or international policy, or possibly enrich a country through conquest. Another good example is the supposed Moon Landing Hoax.  Winning the space race was of paramont importance during the Cold War and a matter of national pride. Thus it would make sense that if NASA couldn’t get men to the moon, it would be of benefit to fake it.  Likewise, the belief that the military is hiding alien technology at Area 51 makes sense.  Reverse engineering alien technology would give the US military a great technological edge, one that they wouldn’t want other countries to find out about. So it would make sense for the US military and government to keep such technology secret.  Even chemtrail spraying has clear motives.  Controlling people with chemicals sprayed in the air could influence voters to vote in a certain way or buy certain products.  I’m not saying I give credence to any of the previous conspiracy theories, but at least the supposed motives of the conspirators makes sense and is logical, even though the rest of the conspiracy theory does not.

However the flat earth conspiracy has no motives that make sense and I’ve never heard a flat earther explain why some global elites would want to trick the world’s population that the earth is round when it is really flat.  Qui bono? Who benefits and how?  How would such people benefit politically?  If the Earth were flat would the political makeup of various countries be any different than if it were round?  How would they gain more power by carrying out such a deception? Not to mention for the global elites to be able to carry out such a deception they would need to have unparalleled political power to begin with, so what are they gaining that they don’t already have?  How about financial benefit? I doubt anyone would be making money by creating such a conspiracy.  How would they?  In fact to pull off such a grand conspiracy they would have to utilize manpower and resources equivalent to that of fighting World War 2.  They would probably have to spend billions if not hundreds of billions of dollars annually to pull of such a conspiracy.  So they would probably be losing a lot of money just to maintain the farce.  Maybe  it’s pride.  It’s always fun to know something that few other people know, to have forbidden knowledge, but to go to those lengths in order to protect such knowledge.  Doesn’t make any sense. Are they doing it just for shits and giggles?

It’s pride, empty people with simple lives trying to stick to an outrageous theory just so they can tell themselves they’re better than everyone else, saving them the trouble of actually sitting down and attempting to improve their lives.