Europeans, stealing your shit ? It’s more likely than you think :y

Everyone says hi to dipshit over here before I block his ass. I’m not doing this for him I’m doing it for the edification of others who may think about adding something dumb to this post in the future.
I’m not ignoring other empires, I’m focused on other things with a unifying theme. Using whataboutism to try and shift blame away from European powers is completely pointless, I’m talking about European powers right now so if you don’t like it you can fuck right off.
Now let’s study the claim that the crusaders were reclaiming Christian lands, which is pretty bold of you considering the only reason these lands were ever Christian was because of Rome’s landgrabbing and forcing it over the locals. Now these lands that we can collectively call the Levant for simplicity’s sake have been a cultural crossroad for as long as people started moving goods across the old world, but the one religion that actually does come from it is Judaism, not Christianity. Not to mention that by the time these lands had been lost to Muslim armies, the previous population had been Greek Orthodox, not Roman Catholic, and did not care all that much for the crusaders WHO if I may remind y’all, were from half a world over with no claim to that land either considering they’d been seen as Western mercenaries sent to reclaim Byzantine lands for the Byzantine emperor.
Not that it matters much since the only thing I have to point out to prove the crusaders are worthy of their inclusion in this meme is the outcome of the Fourth Crusade.