Reblogging again because you can never have enough Nazi flag ripping on your blog.

Reblogging because we stand against hate.

Reblogging because fuck yes

Mainstream media is really important in shaping a popular opinion – this movie (the Sound of Music, for people who don’t recognise it) was the first thing I knew about Nazis and the beginning of the war. I’d never heard about them before, and I remember mum having to explain to me what the symbol meant. This movie showed likable, strong and sympathetic characters tearing up Nazi flags and resisting the Nazis. It showed Nazi-sympathizers as intimidating and unfair. It showed us that normal people (Rolfe) could fall for their propaganda and we could lose them. 

I was seven years old when I first watched this and immediately I knew Nazis were terrible, and because of the power of the story and the warmth of the characters this feeling sunk to my core. 

I worry a lot about kids whose first introduction to world events is a movie like ‘American Sniper’. 

Fun fact when filming this the guy couldn’t rip the flag quickly enough so they had to make a tiny cut in the flag, which is why he turns it around a few times before tearing it in half