French Mle. 1845 Infantry NCO’s Sword

A French 1845 model non-commissioned officer’s sword, probably from around WW1. This model of sword was first introduced in 1845 and remained essentially unchanged until after WW1. It was carried by both junior officers and NCOs in the French army and inspired US infantry officer’s swords. In 1855 the leather scabbard was replaced with a steel one, which often leads to these being called the 1855 model sword. At the end of the 19th century the two-ring steel scabbard was changed for a one-ring model and these swords were still in use during WW1, even after the 1882 model was introduced. This example is in quite decent condition – there is some denting to the brass guard and the grip wire has gone. The sword is quite stiff to get into and out of the scabbard for some reason. Other than these factors, the sword is in a good state, with a lovely bright blade, quite solid in the hilt (unusual for French infantry swords!) and the wooden grip intact in nice condition. These are very pleasing swords to hold with a surprising amount of authority in their blades for the size (30 inches).