Map of Mexico 1836.

And look at Mexico now. That’s what happens when you declare war and invade the US.

Mexico deleto

You guys know the US deliberately provoked the Mexican-American War as part of the whole Manifest Destiny thing

So colonizing land that was unoccupied is grounds for declaring war on a sovereign nation? Maybe if Mexico really cared about their territory they would have done something about it.

Polk sent an army into Mexican territory and when the Mexicans fired on the trespassing soldiers, used that as an excuse to say that Mexicans had invaded US territory.

1846, Alta California had a Spanish-speaking
population of under 10,000, (about 800 families) tiny even compared to the sparse population
of states in the rest of northern Mexico.  The Mexican government was looking to sell off the province to France or Britain to alleviate some of it’s foreign debt.