Martini-Henry action Jezail

Manufactured in modern-day Pakistan or Afghanistan, dated 1881.
.577/450 Martini-Henry single shot falling block action, silver mounted and damascened.

An industrial age take on the jezail, a type of long gun that traditionally used salvaged flintlock mechanisms in its creation. These weapons always show a large amount of personnalisation and decoration, in this case including damascening which involves hammering precious metal wires onto an etched surface.


Martini-Henry M1854 bayonet

Manufactured somewhere in England, or at least the United Kingdom. Actually there’s a possibility it was done in Germany.. Anyway. Рserial number 221.
Of course this model of bayonet predate the Martini Henry itself, which was developed in 1870, but during a short period of time the British army was equipped with breech-loading rifles with socket bayonets, pretty neat.