USS Stewart (DD-224) was a Clemson-class destroyer in the United States
Navy during World War II as part of the Asiatic Fleet. Scuttled in a
port, she was later raised by the Japanese and commissioned as Patrol
Boat No. 102.
Surrendered by the Japanese at Kure and returned to American
service as DD-224 on October 29 1945.
Stricken again on April 17 1946.
Fate Sunk as target off San Francisco May 24 1946.


After being evaluated by the Allied Technical Air Intelligence Unit (ATAIU), this A6M2-N went on to serve with the French Navy, assigned to the 8th Squadron stationed at Cat Lai, French Indochina. The aircraft was lost in an accident on February 19, 1946. (British official photograph)

Photo and caption featured in Osprey Air Vanguard 19 Mitsubishi A6M Zero by James D’Angina