French colonial soldier (Tirailleur Tonquinois), from Indochina (present day Vietnam), on sentry duty at the Trocadero signals station. This station was linked by cables to the Eiffel Tower, which was used as a signals tower during the First World War and which could cover the whole Western Front as well as some colonies.


I’ve looked up american fragging incidents in Vietnam (800 in one year), a prison riot at Long Binh, men leaving to go on patrol only to turn around after like, twenty metres or refusing to go all together. I even heard of a firebase mutiny where soldiers actually put their officers under siege in their command bunker. How did the US military break down so badly?


> Draft

> Heavy counter-culture movements in the country

> A country no one knew existed until the army came

> Terrible humid climate that made everyone miserable

> Extreme use of drugs and alcohol. 

> Pointless bloody battles fought in places that seemed random

> No clear goals, frontlines and even enemy formations 

Way too much stuff got in the way to make it one hell of a war. 


Failure to learn from he past.

The US was fighting a colonial resource war, the Vietnamese were fighting a war of national liberation.