TIL Hans Christian Anderson ruined his friendship with Charles Dickens by inviting himself to his house and staying five weeks. He complained about the weather and service (no one would shave him), cut paper into weird shapes, and threw a fit on the lawn when his book got a bad review.


The “cut paper into weird shapes” prompted me to look this up because I thought it must be something bigger than that, he must have cut important papers or left a mess of paper bits all over the desk or something. Nope, Dickens’ complaint was literally that Anderson “cut out paper into all sorts of patterns“

Now I’m picturing Hans happily cutting a star out of a piece of scrap paper and Dickens going “why is he so weird?” 

Those paper cuttings were probably the paper art he is now famous for! Often very elaborate and depicting his fairytales. 

Reblog if you’d gladly let Hans Christian Anderson crash at your place and make you stupidly detailed paper art

Charles Dickens needs to be in FGO, look Hans in the eye and say, “I see that your appearence now matches how you act.”

Dickens was a wet blanket.