My town is gone.

If you’ve been watching the news and paying attention to California, you’ve heard about the Camp Fire.

In a matter of hours, the fire jumped to 20,000 acres. This morning it reached 70,000. My town of Paradise, where I’ve lived my entire life, was consumed entirely. Very little containment has been reached and the situation is absolute hell.

My house was one of the first to go.

My mom and my sisters and I barely got out, in separate cars, and we got separated for 10 hours. My mom and little sister were stuck in Paradise with all my pets in the flames until my stepdad was able to get gas to them so they could get out. My cat was lost, and I personally was only able to grab an extremely small amount of my own belongings because I was helping my mom to grab important documents and photos and to get the pets situated.

We are now homeless, with no clue where to go from here, and desperately in need of help to get food, clothes, supplies, anything. My mom has been disabled for 3 years and we survive on a single income from my stepdad, who is a firefighter. His friends have been hurt trying to fight this. We have a dog with us, and two guinea pigs, and a bearded dragon.

My mom set up a fundraiser, even though we are not at all the type to ask for so much help.

☝️ That’s the last image of our house that I took this morning. It is now ashes and rubble.

If you can donate, it would mean the world to us, to help us get back on our feet. If you can’t, please share. Anything helps no matter how small.