Boar Spear of Nicolas de Lorraine (1524-1577), France.
This hunting spear is made to feature three small wheellock pistols.

For when you need shredded pork RIGHT NOW!

Considering how fucking tank-like wild boars actually are (they’re plate armored beasts made of spite and poorly placed teeth) I’m surprised that this doesn’t just have a fucking blunderbuss on the end.

Also, those flanges behind the guns are there to stop the boar from continuing to charge the hunter, through the spear. I feel like you’d want the guns close to, but not actually inside the beast.

A blunderbuss would be a fantastic example of “shotgun turned melee” but I also just have a soft spot for shotguns and polearms.

I feel like this is not nearly enough stopping power to hunt boar with.

Also yes, you do want the guns (or at least the ends of the barrels) inside the pig, because then *they’re past all the armored bits* and you might kill the thing before it takes that spear away and beats you to death with it.

Pigs are huge and mean and very hard to kill.

I’m gonna be Frank with you, I doubt this piece of shit was ever used to actually hunt boars.

Gonna use this to prune the camellias!