Had she actually gone into battle against her contemporaries, how do you think the USS Texas would have fared?


Let’s talk of one of her direct successors, USS Oklahoma: Considering the poor performance of her anti-torpedo bulges during the attack on Pearl Harbor, coupled with issues with the internal layout that made flooding all the worse inside the hull, both of which lead to her rapid capsizing (although getting struck by half a dozen torpedoes would doom any other ship), I’d say Texas would have fared poorly against her modernized contemporaries IF they managed to hit her first.

Although I’m sure @lonestarbattleship has a better overview of the ship.

The anti torpedo bulges are only as good as the hull they protect.
December 7th, Oklahoma (like every other battleship present) was set for Sunday inspection.
Every bulkhead and hatch was open.
No fire in the boilers, no real power for the pumps.
Had the ship been at General Quarters & moving, the ship unlikely be hit by as many bombs/torpedoes, and in a better condition to survive them.