Morocco is one of the coldest countries in Africa (probably second to Lesotho). Ouarzazate has some of the coldest nights on average and Ifrane is recorded to have had the coldest temperature in African history, reaching -23,9 C/-11 F on February 11, 1935.

I take pride in this.

Shoutout to Lesotho, South Africa, Ethiopia, Algeria and Kenya for representing African Alpine culture.

African Alpine culture produces the best wool cloaks, so it’s definitely a thing.

Also, for anybody interested in alpine African culture (or who saw Black Panther I guess):

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Alpine ? Does the moutain range extends across the sea..?

No ? Do you not know what Alpine climate is.. ?

I know where the freaking Alps are I didn’t know that included all mountainous climates now :T

The term Alpine has been officially used to describe mountainous climates where no month has a mean temperature above 10°

Since 1884.

You know I googled ‘Alpine climate’ the first time you can stop being weirdly passive-aggressive .3.