How about the little A-37 Dragonfly?


The little observation plane that could, a plane first born as a jet trainer for the USAF, made by a company that only made general aviation planes up until that point, Cessna, but that proved so interesting and capable, with a few upgrades and a new engine was turned into a proper military jet, at first just for recon, but eventually made into a superb light attack jet that became a savior for many people, from the jungles of Vietnam, El Salvador, to Colombia.

And while she is no longer in production, and the youngest airframe has over 30 years of continuous service, she still flies around the world, mostly in Latin America, still being overhauled, and even upgraded with smart bombs, showing that truly, simple is the best.

She also makes for a kick ass welcoming sight, pictured above in Malambo, Colombia, as taken by me a few months ago, and let me tell you, she may be small in comparison to other planes, but damn, pictures don’t make her size justice!