I fucking want a shirt that just says “Crime” on it




What th

What the fuck does this mean?

Frankenstein’s monster here has good fashion sense and, as you can see by the ironic “crime” t-shirt, a great subtle sense of humor and probably some punk-adjacent political views at the least. The question even implies that he’s volunteering to patrol the streets to keep people safe and reduce people’s reliance on cops

Not only do I want him patrolling my neighborhood, I want to ask him out

like…the crime frankenstein looks lovely and the cop looks like he’s gonna murder you if you breathe too loud

Crime Frank knows what it’s like to be prejudged based on appearance, so you know he’s gonna take a little time to think about what he’s seeing when he arrives on the scene.

No question about it, Crime Frank for me!

Now I want fanart of Crime Frankenstein. I want him to come to represent community-run conflict resolution/crisis response programs. Images of Crime Frankenstein driving intoxicated people home, calmly talking people through mental health crises, breaking up fights nonviolently, supervising safe injection sites for people who suffer from drug addiction, etc.

We stan a king


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