Feb 4 1919 Albuquerque Evening Herald publishes a Nov 6 1918 pic by Lt. Adrian C. Duff 

Caption from National WWI Museum and Memorial:

Official A.E.F. Photographs taken by the Signal Corps: “Members of Company I, Three hundred and eighth Regiment Infantry, Seventy-seventh Division, and Company I, One hundred and sixty-sixth Regiment Infantry (formerly Fourth Ohio Infantry), Forty-second Division, being questioned by Mr. and Mrs. Baloux, old couple who were prisoners for four years. Left to right: Philip Tanger, of the Seventy-seventh Division, and Allen Floyd, of the Forty-second Division. Brieulles sur Bar [sic], Ardennes, France. November 6, 1918.

308th Regiment Infantry, 77th Division, and Company I, 166th Regiment Infantry (formerly 4th Ohio Infantry),42nd Division.

Colourized by Royston Leonard

The Chauchat (“Show-sha”) was the standard light machine gun or “machine rifle” of the French Army during World War I


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