Long-lost bunker belonging to ‘Churchill’s secret army’ discovered in Scottish forest


Forestry workers were felling trees in southern Scotland when they noticed something peculiar among the roots and bracken: An iron door. It turns out the team had accidentally discovered a lost WWII-era bunker, built to house one of Great Britain’s most secretive — and suicidal — military forces.

Known as the Auxiliary Units (or sometimes “Churchill’s secret army”), the force was a corps of volunteers similar to Britain’s Home Guard, charged with defending the country in the event of a Nazi German invasion. Unlike the Home Guard, however, the Auxiliary Units were a guerilla warfare brigade shrouded in secrecy. Each unit, which held up to eight men, based their operations out of one of hundreds of tiny, concrete-capped bunkers buried throughout the countryside. The locations of these bunkers were such fiercely guarded secrets that many of them still remain undiscovered today. Read more.

British Auxiliary Units


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