of the 4th corps air squadron Imperial Russian Air Service,  A.Kazakov
in front of his Morane G. with two of his mechanics, a cable with an
anchor and a weight at their feet
September 7, 1914, Austro-Hungarian pilot Franz Malina and his
observer, Friedrich von Rosenthal, reconnoitered the Russian airfield
near Volya-Vysotska for the second day in a row.
Taking off in his unarmed Morane Saulnier G scout, he apparently tried
to bring the enemy Albatros B.II biplane down by ramming it with his
landing gear, but crashed into it instead. None of the three airmen
survived the collision. Nesterov would be awarded a posthumous Order of
St. George for what the Russians still regard as history’s first
air-to-air victory.

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