Barnes and Nobles is gonna start serving food and alcohol.

Everybody’s cracking jokes about how it’s a desperate attempt to stay relevant in the age of Amazon.

But you know what? Props to them. This is exactly what Blockbuster didn’t do. At no point was Blockbuster like “Hey, movie rentals aren’t the lucrative enterprise they once were. Perhaps it’s time we become known for our cheesy garlic bread.”

Okay but…if someone wants to take me on a date to a Barnes and noble and get me dinner and a drink and then let me peruse the stacks like I’m not saying no. A sandwich, a beer, and 2-5 books on various topics I hope I’ll someday read about? Good night.

The Swedish equivalent of Blockbuster is now best known for its candy, snacks and sodas.

This is El Ateneo Grand Splendid, an old theatre turned bookstore in Buenos Aires:


The stage itself was turned into a cafe:


You can’t even begin to comprehend the massive amounts of money this place makes, despite the fact that they turned the theatre boxes into reading nooks like this:


I’ve literally spent days holed up in there reading books for free while also consuming massive amounts of coffee and pastries.

Adapt or die, people.

I’ve seen photographs of this bookstore before but never seen the reading nooks. I need to lose myself in a good book in one of those.

Now all we need is an art and stationery store like it next door and I’m in heaven. I mean what more in life is there books, art and writing supplies and tea with cake.


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