Ford M1918 Light Tank – America’s First Tank

Hey guys, here’s this week’s Armourer’s Bench video! 

Last week while doing some research with the US National Archive’s online catalogue I came across some amazing contemporary footage of the Ford M1918 and I decided to put this short documentary together. In the video I talk about the development, history and fate of America’s first tank.  

The 3-Ton Ford M1918 Light Tank was the first tank to be entirely designed and built by the United States. A light and nimble armoured vehicle armed with a 30 calibre machine gun and powered by a pair of Ford Model T engines!

Only 15 of an order for 15,000 Ford Light Tanks were built (and half of them are seen in the video above!) before the end of the war. Check out my accompanying blog for more info & photographs here.

I hope you guys like tanks as much as I do, thanks for watching! – Matt 

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