nikola tesla was like “you will live to see man made horrors beyond your comprehension” yeah dude and they’ll prolly be branded with your last name. how does that make you feel

Probably not to great considering if Tesla had the opportunity he’d probably strangle Musk to death for his pigeons entertainment

Petition to resurrect Tesla and sic him on Elon for sport

It’s actually so frustrating because Tesla’s whole thing is that he was a genius who had his ideas stolen and profited from a charismatic asshole with money… and musk is that charismatic Ass hole. He wasn’t one of the founding members of Tesla and absolutely had no part in developing the lithium ion powered vehicle ( we owe that primarily to John Goodenough, Rachid Yazami and Akira Yoshino in the 80’s) and is a figure head for a company where others invent things and he takes the credit. His actually “inventions” (web based calls such as Skype and location based searches) are just things he had the idea for in the 90’s and never developed. All his other achievement like founding PayPal has literally just been “start a company, do nothing with it, let us be bought out by bigger company, remain on board”

It’s so FRUSTRATING because in engineering college people come in as musk fans and professors have to spend time in every single intro class like “no we honor actual engineers here”

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